12 pages I use to enhance creativity and inspiration

12 pages I use to enhance creativity and inspiration

The following list will support you with that lack of inspiration and above all to reinforce creativity, I hope you like it.

1- Pinterest

This social network is my favorite, always with her but always find new material, according to the searches you make.

2- Devian art

This community of artists is full of very new material all the time highly recommended and inevitable if you dedicate yourself to art and design

alternate_new_deviantart_logo_by_anightlypony-d88v69a3- Tumblr

The contributions they share in “tumblr” like photographs and gifs, serve a lot for inspiration, tumblr does not disappoint when it comes to inspiration.


4- Behance

This page is for conceptual artists, give it a go and you will come out with new ideas.


5- Instangram

Like Tumblr you will find this social network very useful when trying to find new ideas, using hashtags.


6- Logopond

Inspiration, inspiration, if you want to make a logo this is your page, find here trends and style about logos.


7- Ads of theworld

Do you need inspiration to advertise? “Ads of the World” will help you find


8- Design spiration

This web of graphic design is inspired by new graphic trends since you enter.


9- Stumbleupon

In this community, where you jump between pages previously programmed by your tastes, it is important that you have an account here.


10- Nnotcog

This page is very visited by many artists, which provides us, as their description is “new ideas”, very new.


11- Ffffound

It is impossible that something does not happen to you with “Ffffound”, this page has a lot of material to inspire you in your work.

fffound-logo12- Best web gallery

If you want to design a web page, with “Best web gallery” you will find new trends on web design


If you have a website to find inspiration, share it here and add it to the list.

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