Pokémon GO: catch them all with this map

Pokémon GO remains a fever throughout the world. However, for all it is a challenge trying to find every possible Pokémons and often happens that when we walk down somewhere there can be no creature we seek.

To fix this, it is that appeared Poké Radar, an application for mobile phones used to generate collaborative content and help other users get pokémon that they seek. This, of course, also let us know where that character in Pokémon Go we seek desperately for everyone is.

The application, unlike other reports in recent days, do not take the content servers Pokémon Go, what has freed after Niantic close its API fall. What it does is simply serve as a bridge between different users who report where they have captured a Pokémon.

This application is available on iOS and Android, so all users can enter Pokémon Go and report exactly where she found some pokémon. They can review on a web version of your map to see Pokémones who were caught in the last 15 minutes. And many users around the world have done.

Like any collaborative content, this application is based on trust, which is necessary for user Go Pokémon are honest and do not promote places, since they can threaten the safety of the players.

On the map Pokémon Go users can see how many Pokémon were caught around and how many minutes ago it happened, so you can approach the place and possibly capture similar.

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Pokémon GO: catch them all with this map

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