R2-D2 French Press Is The Perfect Gift For Every Star Wars-Obsessed Coffee Snob

If you couldn’t already tell from the company’s name – is a clothing and accessory imprint that focuses their marketing energies on the “geek” demographic.

They retain the rights to create and sell products based on Marvel and DC Comics, video games such as The Legend of Zelda and Minecraft, as well as wildly popular TV shows and film franchises like Game of Thrones, Doctor Who and, of course, Star Wars.

ThinkGeek’s latest design is perfect for those lovable geeks who might enjoy a healthy dose of Star Wars with their morning pick-me-up…


That’s right; you can now brew your direct trade, organically and sustainably farmed, single origin coffee beans in a specially designed, highly detailed R2-D2 french press.

This certainly falls into the category of “Things You Didn’t Know You Needed” (and, let’s be honest, you probably don’t need this), but hey, I’m not gonna tell people how to live their lives or express their diehard Star Wars fanaticism. Fly your geek flags proudly, people!


These R2-themed french presses haven’t hit the market just yet, but they’re available for pre-order on Think Geek’s website for an affordable $39.99! (OK, that’s kind of a ridiculous price for a french press, but I’ll hold my tongue). Pre-orders should ship out in early January of next year…

I wonder if George Lucas makes his coffee in one of these?  r2-d2-french-press-2

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R2-D2 French Press Is The Perfect Gift For Every Star Wars-Obsessed Coffee Snob

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