Rich “will become cyborgs like gods in 200 years”

An Israeli scholar is convinced that “in the next 200 years Homo sapiens will be updated into something akin to a divine being, either through biological manipulation, genetic engineering or creating cyborgs with one hand other organic and nonorganic “.

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Yuval Noah Harari, a professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and author of “Sapiens: A Brief History of Mankind ‘, which traces the evolution of humanity, believes that the transformation of the human being” will be the largest biological evolution from the emergence of life “and that in the future” will be so different from modern humans and chimps are far from us, “writes the newspaper ‘Telegraph’.

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However, the historian specified that only the rich have access to this cyborg technology, which widen the gap between rich and poor in society. In the future the rich will be able to live forever, while the poor become extinct.

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Regarding the relationship between religion and technology, Yuval Noah Harari said that “human beings are increasingly powerful and no longer need the crutches of the gods”. “Now we say we do not need God, but the technology,” he added.

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“The most interesting part of the world from a religious perspective place is not the Middle East, but Silicon Valley, where it is developing a tecnoreligi√≥n. They [Silicon Valley] even believe that death is only a technological problem to be solved” said the researcher.

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Rich “will become cyborgs like gods in 200 years”

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