Scarface new movie!!!

After seeing in Rogue one as they revive Wilhuff Tarkin and rejuvenate Princess Leia, it is no wonder that, you can bring Tony Montana for a second part of “Scarface”, as told in his 2006 PC videogame , In which Tony does not die but leaves the mansion points of cocaine and shots.

Rogue One has not been pioneer, much less, in the use of this technique. What has impressed is the level of care of an effect that, apart from dystopias, will be used more and more in the future. This was explained by Claus Hansen, one of those responsible for Method Studios, in an interview for Mashable in 2014 as a result of what had been seen in Fast Furious 7.

 Watching a second part of Scarface would be very exciting for the fans but will it live up to the film of Palma? Would fans accept an Alpacino rejuvenated in 3D ?. For my Scarface are the movies that leave you wanting to see more and if there is a second part with a Tony Montana rejuvenated I would not care much, what if I want to put a lot of effort and that do not disappoint is in history. Who could direct this film?

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Scarface new movie!!!

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